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Getting Setup to Operate in Israel:

The Initial Steps & How We Can Help

Setting up a new venture in any location can be a challenge, and Israel’s requirements and parameters for your onshore or offshore operations demand careful and diligent attention to permits, taxation and legal documentation. At Coral Energy, our expertise in helping your projects legitimately come to life and develop efficiently is our top priority. We have the know-how and skills to ensure your project and local company are established with all of the necessary documentation and procedures in place. With over 3 decades of supporting and guiding organizations establish their local company in Israel, we ensure every step you take in the process is done with the insight and support of our experts, tailored to your needs.

So how can you get started and take the right steps to ensure your organization’s initial setup, all the way to full operational status is addressed with the utmost of care?

Reach out to us, and the Coral Energy team will immediately initiate the process to help you obtain crucial permits and approvals, from first steps like connecting you to the vital third party government organizations, to liaising you throughout your communication process with them. With Coral Energy, starting your project or business in Israel is a safe and sound process. You can count on us to be your resource for every aspect of the process – reliable, experienced and personable for optimal results.

Our experts ensure you acquire the following documentation from various local ministries with ease:

  • We guide you and function as a liaison for our clients, helping you establish a registered, local Israeli company.
  • You can count on us to help you acquire the necessary Ministry of Defense and Navy operational permits.
  • Our knowledge and established relationship with the Ministry of Transport means a smoother acquisition of operational permits. We’ll ensure your operations can move forward as quickly as possible by helping you obtain the Israeli Port Authorities’ operational permits.
  • Getting connected to the correct government and immigration bodies is simplified with our expert support, enabling smooth setup of immigration procedures and acquisition of the required documents.
  • Our team of experts can offer in-depth insight and guidance with tax and legal consulting services.

Getting Your Team Around:

Personnel Transit, Transport and Logistics

The Coral Energy team of experts understands and implements the steps needed to ensure your crew and team get from point A to B safely, in a timely manner and with your budgets and project needs in mind. Our current market and clientele benefit from thousands of personnel being relocated and moved from one site to the next on a routine basis, so your local operations can progress with a solid plan and workflow.

Save time and increase productivity with our help as we:

  • Ensure your crew members and on-site staff are met and picked up at the local airport with required paperwork and documents – (acquisition of crew and staff visas, work permits and entry papers, port entry permits).
  • A warm and supportive meet and greet at the airport to help your staff integrate and get started with ease.
  • Provide the support and help needed to offer your staff suitable, tidy and comfortable accommodations, and ensuring their safe arrival at hotels or arranged housing.
  • Help staff immediately integrate into your operation by ensuring they reach the vehicle (helicopter or other) transporting them to your site, rig, or to ensure their safe arrival and flight back home.
  • Getting staff acquainted with local transit, while ensuring their safe arrival to their site via taxi, bus, vehicle rentals or with a dedicated driver.

Coral Energy’s team offers 24/7 on-site support with staff located at 5 ports and 3 airports in Israel. With the use of helicopters and dedicated crew boats, we’ll oversee and manage daily crew changes to and from ports and airports with professionalism and genuine care for your team. Our knowledgeable and experienced crew department accompanies your crew members from preparation stages upon booking flights, all the way to their arrival in Israel, and even upon departing from your site and the country.


Next Steps:

Your Operational Strategy with Our Knowledge & Resources

At Coral Energy, your success is our top priority, and we ensure all procedural steps are taken to get your business operations running & implemented with care, so your plans can transpire into concrete measurable results. From manpower recruitment to acquisition of operational equipment, to addressing personnel logistics like crew changes, transportation and accommodations, we address all aspects of your operations with efficiency.

With Coral Energy, see your goals transpire into results, as we offer:

  • Coordination of operations with the Port Authorities.
  • Design and creation of an efficiently functioning shore base.
  • Recruitment services of local personnel and manpower.
  • Coordination of supplies for vessels, rigs and crew.
  • Provision of vital communication resources.
  • Consulting for all offshore and onshore aspects of your operations in Israel.
  • Setup and support for immigration procedures.
  • Coordination of required port services.

Business Operations

Implemented with Efficiency with Our Team of Experts

With the essential administrative and operational procedures completed, it’s time to see your project and company deliver its services to the market with optimal productivity. With our reputation as a leader in our sector and the strong set of business relationships we’ve established with third party organizations throughout our years servicing the market, your team gains the supported needed to be in full control of operations at all times.

We understand the challenges of your business and help maximize efficiency of logistics and operations with:

  • Professional support of personnel logistics, from crew changes, to transport and accommodations tailored to your needs.
  • Support for offshore vessels.
  • Safe forwarding and trucking.
  • Clearance in/out of marine spread.
  • Coordination of marine spread activities in collaboration with vital authorities.
  • Routine & standard crew changes via helicopter or launch.
  • Arranging transportation and accommodation for personnel.
  • Arranging agreements with medical facilities.Setup and coordination of MEDEVAC procedures.

Innovative Technology at its Best:

Coral Energy’s Custom Developed Crew Management System

As a leader in the offshore services sector, the Coral Energy team always strives to be on the cutting edge of operational processes, and our custom developed Crew Management System is designed to handle and manage the movement and transport of thousands of personnel monthly.

Our web-based technology allows the Coral Energy team of experts to track personnel at all times – off or on shore, all in one holistic solution. The innovative system simplifies booking of accommodations, transportation, and offers an efficient tool to directly communicate and interface with Israeli immigration organizations and offices. The added value this solution offers our customers and suppliers is exponential, allowing them to directly access insights and track services we and third party partnering organizations provide. While also offering full transparency of your crew and personnel’s activity, tracking and locating them efficiently, our system can generate an updated POB list with a breakdown of the services you use.

Marine Spread Support

Coral Energy becomes an integral part of your successful operations, as we recognize the importance of reliable onshore port logistics, along with online coordination of equipment, vessels and supplies needed. We work directly with the relevant authorities and marine traffic management to ensure your operations abide by procedural requirements. Our skilled and experienced team will ensure the safe and sound arrival of your vessels and equipment, keeping close communication with key players and critical authorities, reporting to them, and administering setup of adequate on-shore facilities, servicing your vessels 24/7.

What can you expect from Coral Energy’s expertise in marine spread support?

  • Strategic and thorough clearance (in and out) of vessels and equipment.
  • Routine arrangement and coordination of your daily marine spread movement, team member transport, and site essentials.
  • Provision of supplies and meals: from food for team members, to necessities and technical supplies/equipment, we’ve got you covered.
  • Bunkering and lubes to ensure site operational efficiency.
  • Maintenance services ranging from vessel repairs, to dry docking, tank cleaning and more.
  • Our chartering services are accessible and reliable for your operation around the clock.

A Key Factor to Your Success:

Interface and Communication with Local Industry Players

For efficient operations, effective results and in order to ensure your business goals are achieved, the support of local industry organizations, third party contractors, is crucial. With Coral Energy’s decades of long lasting relationships with local industry and third party contractors, we have all the means to support your project from end to end.

We can ensure cost effective & reliable provision of:

  • Helicopter services for all scenarios
  • Boats & barges suitable for your project and operations.
  • Port and pier facilities – the base and headquarters for your operations.
  • Warehouses and open storage facilities based on your needs.
  • Welding and fabrication suppliers, equipment and more.
  • Freight forwarding and custom clearance services.
  • Trucking services
  • All types and means of communications
  • Diving and marine operation services.
  • Accommodations – ranging from rented apartments / villas, to hotels, and other viable options.
  • Transportation on site, to and from locations and even from initial arrival of crew members, all the way to their departure.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

With extensive experience in vertically integrated logistics, Coral Energy has the know-how and skills to handle your operation professionally. We ensure your supplies and equipment are dealt with the utmost attention, preventing damage, loss, and maximizing efficiency. We respect your business goals and help you achieve them by providing quality logistics solutions for any site or location.

Get all of the support and solutions you need from Coral Energy, as we offer:

  • Freight forwarding services
  • Customs clearance
  • Recruiting and training resources and remote or on-site coordinators.
  • Handling of special project cargoes
  • Stevedoring services
  • Trucking services
  • Vessel chartering services
  • Warehouses and storage services and facilities.
  • Establishment of logistics bases according to your needs.


and Medical Standby

Any onshore or offshore operation involves hazards and risk, and our team at Coral Energy has the experience and skills to help minimize concern or escalation of situations into potentially dangerous circumstances. Medical resources (if it’s a hospital, doctore or clinic) are accessible and available around the clock – a critical aspect of your operation. Minimize down time and optimize crew productivity by supporting their wellbeing. Our team will accompany your staff from the moment a helicopter or boat arrives on site where medical assistance is required, and all the way to check-in and treatment at a hospital or medical facility.

Coral Energy’s vast experience with setup of MEDEVAC procedures and arrangement of standby medical assistance means reliable onshore or offshore support and attendance to medical concerns. We’ve done everything from arrange medical treatment of crew members, to carefully and efficiently handle on-site evacuations of offshore facilities and vessels.

Benefit from end to end medical support, as Coral Energy offers:

  1. Arranging agreements with local hospitals, enabling direct access to the trauma room, consultancy to medic on board and coordination of scrambling helicopters in case of need.
  2. Preparation of local MEDEVAC plans (to be intergarted into your general operational procedure)
  • Coordination with the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transport, Navy, Air Force and other relevant parties.
  • Coordination of immediate arrival of helicopters and boats at the port or hospital

Important: The Israeli Ministry of Transport’s RCC (Rescue & Coordination Center) manages maritime search & rescue, as well as oil spill incidents. Reporting any offshore incident immediately is mandatory

Contact Information for RCC:

Tel: +972 4 8632145

INM/C 580 442811110

MINI M 870 761 316 512

Working frequencies:
VHF – (DSC) Channel 70, Voice Channel 16/26 (25/28)
MF – (DSC) 2187.5, 2177 (R/T) 2182, 2649
HF – (DSC) 4207.5/ 6312.0/ 8414.5 (R/T) through DSC communication

Email: rcc@mot.gov.il

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