Coral Energy – Offshore Services
with Our Expert Touch & Experience

Our Mission & Values:

Honesty, Intelligent Work and Transparency

Coral Energy believes that all operations must be conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Everyone is entitled to go home safely. Coral Energy is an experienced leader in the provision of offshore services in Israel, addressing both onshore and offshore aspects of operations.  We maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and transparency with our clients and expect the same from our own staff. With a range of local organizations, government authorities, and collaborative parties, Coral Energy strives to ensure that your goals and targets are achieved.

What We Do & Why We Do It Like Pros:

Leaders in Providing Offshore Services in Israel

With our 30 year track record of successfully supporting our clients, establishing their activities in Israel, we’ve overseen and supported the most complex ventures and have become knowledgeable and experienced in all the aspects of offshore operations. Our skilled team of professionals offers everything from ensuring your business is registered with the relevant local authorities, to providing support with setup of onshore and offshore operations. Hand in hand, we are your ideal partner for everything from crew recruitment, medical aid, permitting, monitoring on-site activity, crew changes & personnel logistics, accommodation and even furnishing your rented apartments. We understand the essence of your activities and can provide a comprehensive operational and regulatory plan based on your precise needs. Challenges are solutions just waiting to be solved, and with our many years of experience in logistics, operations and technical knowledge, we have everything it takes to ensure your project goals are achieved.

FCPA Compliance:

We Know and Abide by Obligations

Compliance with FCPA is absolutely crucial for organizations partnering with oil and gas operations, ventures or companies in a related field. Coral Energy maintains honesty, transparency and the highest anti-corruption standards, fully FCPA trained and certified with the following credentials:

  • Certified TRACE members.
  • Official approval to collaborate with a vast range of major oil & gas companies, and related or partnering organizations.
  • Coral is in good standing, with annual inspections conducted by legal departments of several major oil & gas companies, and related or partnering organizations.
  • We participate in annual training and courses to maintain our industry leading status.
  • Our team specializes in the due diligence processes required by the FCPA, adhering to requirements at all times.
  • Maintain a strict code of conduct and protocol, agreed to and signed by all employees, obligated to abide and adhere to policies and procedures outlined.
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